Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Wildfires are common in Colorado and so are the hazards that we all must live with especially during our dry season. The two most ommon causes for wildfires are lightning and human error. Lightning is certainly not under our control, but we can make it more difficult for wildfires to advance. Human error can be avoided with some careful thought and common practices to help prevent a costly mistake - lost of our homes, personnel effects, and lives.

How can we better prepare for an emergency in Forbes Park? The following web pages will provide information that will help you..... 


This section includes general information about the Plan, Forbes Park's environment that could assist firefighters if a wildfire should occur, and wildfire response capabilities for both the Park and local agencies.

CWPP Document Overview
About Forbes Park
Wildfire Response Capabilities


This section includes pertinent information for landowners, especially residents. Communications during a wildfire is critical for landowner safety. How landowners, key personnel, and campers are notified of a wildfire are included in this section. Procedures on what to do in case of a fire including staging areas and evacuation routes can also be found in this section. It is important for all landowners to be aware of these procedures. Equally important is for all landowners to consider assessing their property as to the risks and hazard severity with respect to wildfire. Actions to mitigate wildfires helps all landowners.

Wildfire Communications
Wildfire Procedures

Landowner Staging Areas

Evacuation Routes

Fire Risk and Hazard Severity Assessment


Forest Home Fire Safety
Wildfire Defensible Space


Costilla Emergency Management
FEMA Ready
Ready Colorado
American Red Cross - Plan & Prepare
Incident Information System - Colorado