CWPP Document Overview


The Forbes Park Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) defines how the Forbes Park community will deal with the threat of wild fires near its location. It describes the nature of the threat and mitigation measures that the community has put into effect. The CWPP also provides guidance to emergency response teams in the area so that they can better assist the Forbes Park community in the event that a wildfire should occur. Three sections provide critical information to (1) Forbes Park landowners, (2) volunteer and professional fire fighting units, and (3) incident command personnel.


Ownership of the CWPP belongs to the Forbes Park Landowners Association (FPLOA). The facilitator of this document is the chairperson of the Fire Mitigation Committee. The chairperson is responsible for the initial release and subsequent revisions of the CWPP. The chairperson will also be the facilitator of a CWPP committee that will assist in the development and maintenance of this document. The CWPP committee will consist of (at a minimum) a local Forestry representative, the chairpersons of the Common Lands, Roads Advisory, and Communications committees, and a representative of the FPLOA board of directors. The committee will meet at least once a year to review and update, if necessary, the CWPP. Registration of the CWPP with the State is the responsibility of the Fire Mitigation Chairperson in conjunction with the local Forestry Director.

The Community:

The key word to the CWPP is “Community”. With respect to the FPLOA CWPP, the “Community” consists of Forbes Park, Forbes Wagon Creek, Trinchera Ranches, National Forestry Service, and the Costilla County Sheriff, Fire Chiefs from Fort Garland and San Luis, and the Costilla Land Use Manager. The FPLOA Board of Directors will be responsible for periodically arranging a meeting with the “Community”. The objective will be to review CWPP changes that affect the Community’s support, infra-structure, and/or operations.