Wildfire Response Capabilities

Forbes Park Landowners Association:

The Forbes Park Landowners Association will rely on the Costilla County Fire Protection District (Ft. Garland and San Luis Fire Departments) and the Colorado State and US Forest Services crews and equipment for professional fire fighting response.

The principal role of Forbes Park landowners, especially permanent residents, with respect to wildfire will be one of early spotting, locating and reporting a fire to the local authorities.  Immediate reporting of any wildfire to authorities via 911 is encouraged. It is imperative that landowners be aware of the personal dangers – including the risk of death – that are inherent in attempting to fight a wildfire. It is highly recommended that landowners first call 911 to report a wildfire, and only engage wildfires at the earliest stage and avoid engaging major fires.

A small staff of Forbes Park volunteers with a 2,000-gallon water truck with spray capability will be dispatched for fast response to wildfires. A capability to inject foam into the output water from the water truck quadruples the effectiveness of water to the equivalent of 8,000 gallons of untreated water. This team will only engage small fires and will relinquish control upon arrival of local fire fighters.

Local Wildfire Response Agencies:

The local agencies with the following capabilities will respond to wildfires:

Costilla County Fire Protection District (CCFPD). This district agency provides county-wide fire protection services. The two principal units are located in the towns of San Luis and Ft. Garland. A smaller unit, personnel only, is located in the town of Garcia. The closest unit is the Ft. Garland unit, 15 miles from Forbes Park.  Figure 4 shows a summary of the personnel and equipment available to the CCFPD. Due to a recent reorganization of Colorado fire fighting responsibilities, these resources may have been changed.

For a large or complex fire, additional fire fighting resources from adjacent communities may be called upon through a Memo of Understanding (MOU) with the Costilla County Sheriff. Other Local, State and Federal resources may also be deployed if the incident becomes extremely complex.