Landowner Staging Areas


A Staging Area is a section of land within the Park that will be designated by the IC as a short or longer term area for landowners to meet or stay during an incident.  Trained personnel will be responsible for making certain that the area is safe for use and is maintained safe during the course of the incident. A trained person or persons will be assigned as the coordinators for each designated Staging Area. All coordinators will report directly to the IC and will be responsible for maintaining calmness, order, and communications within all Staging Areas.  Landowners are cautioned that although these Staging Areas meet the guidelines of the forest service, the environment could present health hazards to some occupants due to heavy smoke, ash, and fumes.  The Staging Areas should only be used if evacuation is not possible. At least one qualified person from Alpine First Response team with a radio capable of contacting fire chain of command will be assigned to each Staging Area.


The locations listed in Figure 5 have been predefined as Staging Areas. These areas can only be activated by the IC. If an area must be prepared for use, the IC will designate personnel to begin preparation.

Zone Name Location GPS Coordinates
Big Lake Both sides of FP Rd near Big Lake N 37° 26.820   W 105° 10.833
FP Loop Split Both sides of FP Loop-West near intersection with FP Rd N 37° 25.800   W 105° 10.370
Sigler/FP Road Intersection of Sigler & FP Rd N 37° 27.758   W 105° 11.435
Hayden/FP Road Intersection of Hayden & FP Rd N 37° 27.495   W 105° 11.382
FPC Meadow Meadow south of FPC east of FP Rd N 37° 30.292   W 105° 13.549
Strauss Burn Site South of intersection of FP Rd & Emery Loop on east side of FP Rd N 37° 27.668   W 105° 11.420
Warren Meadow South of 1810 FP Rd on east side N 37° 28.300   W 105° 11.240
Mathilde Meadow East of Mathilde near Sigler N 37° 28.248   W 105° 11.055

Figure 5 – Staging Area Descriptions


If an emergency occurs, a landowner may be instructed by the sheriff or current IC to travel to one of the designated Staging Areas listed in Figure 5 or to evacuate immediately. The landowner should be prepared to stay at the Staging Area for 12 to 24 hours or until instructed to take additional action.  A landowner checklist is attached in Appendix A. For additional guidance consult the Colorado State University Extension Service brochure “Forest Home Fire Safety”, that provides excellent guidance for home owners.