Wildfire Communications

Reverse 911:

In conjunction with the Alamosa Communications Center, a reverse 911 call out procedure has been established specifically for Forbes Park and wildfire notification. Landowners with local telephone numbers have been inserted into an automatic notification system. When a fire has been reported in the Park or a nearby community an assessment will be made as to whether or not an alert is to be ordered. In collaboration with the county fire chief, the sheriff will authorize notification of landowners within the Park via the reverse 911 system. The landowners will be instructed to take specific actions depending on current wildfire conditions.

A landowner should contact any Fire Mitigation Committee member to:
    1. verify their existing phone number(s}
    2. modify or delete their phone number(s)
    3. add a new phone number(s), including cell phones that have reception within Forbes Park
    4. report trouble with the phone system that might impair emergency notification

All landowners should personally ensure that Alamosa Dispatch has the correct ADDRESS associated with their phone number for a 911 call.  This can be accomplished by requesting a test call through Alamosa Dispatch.
The Fire Mitigation committee chairperson is responsible for working with the Alamosa Communications Center to ensure that a current notification list is available. Periodic testing of the reverse 911 system will be performed as requested by the Fire Mitigation committee chairperson. A report is available to the committee chairperson for review to determine if certain phone numbers cannot be reached during the test. This report will allow the chairperson to keep the notification list current.

Notification of Key Personnel:

The Fire Mitigation Committee has established a call tree to notify all key personnel (ECC, Safety Coordinators, Board President, and Park Managers) of need to activate CWPP procedures.

Camper Registration and Notification:

Camper registration is critical to wildfire protection. Without registration, communications to campers of any wildfire emergency will not be timely and in some cases not possible therefore increasing the risks to campers. The Forbes Park Management staff maintains a current list of campers. In the event of a wildfire, the management will attempt to notify campers of the need to assemble or evacuate.