Wildfire Procedures

Incident Command:

In the event of a wildfire, the county sheriff is designated as the initial incident commander (IC). The sheriff has the authority to designate another IC. In a large wildfire the sheriff would default to the “law enforcement” section of the chain of command.  The IC for a major wildfire event would be an experienced firefighter with extensive training in MIMS (National Incident Management Systems) No landowner shall take on the responsibility of IC unless properly trained and given authority by the current IC.

When, What, and Where:

When: Landowners can decide to voluntarily leave the Park if they deem a nearby wildfire is of concern or danger  to their well being.  If an emergency is called by the county sheriff, action becomes mandatory and will be directed only by the designated IC.

What: Actions that may be directed include standby at home or a designated area, a longer term stay at a designated staging area, or mandatory evacuation from the Park.  Again, these actions are to be directed only by the designated  incident command.

Where: Landowner staging areas and evacuation routes are listed in the next sections.  The IC will designate which of these areas should be utilized by the residents, and the location of the IC Command Post.  In the event of a major wildfire all landowners should execute the following options (in order of preference)
    1. Evacuate through the front gate
    2. Proceed to the nearest Staging Area and prepare to evacuate through one of the alternate evacuation routes
    3. Proceed to one of the evacuation route starting points
    4. Proceed to the nearest Staging Area and wait for the danger to pass