Construction in the Park

Procedures & Permits

  • What is required before building a cabin or house?

Driveway and sewer system have to be installed, the ECC must approve the plans, color, and the location for the cabin, and the county permits must be filled with the ECC before construction can begin.

  • Can I drill a well on my lot?
Yes the state of Colorado will grant a drilling permit for a “in house use only well” on any lot in Forbes Park.
  • Are permits needed for a driveway?
You must get a permit from Costilla county to install a culvert and the ECC needs to have a copy of the Costilla county permit then the ECC needs to do a walk through (with the owner) to ok the location and any trees that need to be cut before a driveway can be started. In Costilla county there is a $400 fine for any culvert installed without a county permit.

Land Preparation

  • Do I need a permit to cut trees?
The short answer is yes, you need a permit to cut any live tree four (4) inches in diameter or larger measured at the 4 ft level.

Forbes Park

General Information
  • How do I get a Welcome Packet?
Contact the Communications Committee at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a paper copy, or download directly from the website - look in the left panel under "General Park Info".

Common Lands
  • Can we drive on Common Lands?
The FPLOA covenants forbid the operation of motorized vehicles on Common Lands.  Occasionally, certain maintenance activities require the use of work vehicles, for example snow fence construction, fence repair, and road maintenance.  We try to minimize these activities.
  • Why are you spraying the Common Lands?
We are following a mandate from the State of Colorado to control the Canada Thistle. This is an invasive weed that will crowd out the native wildflowers and grasses. We use an herbicide specially selected to counter this weed, and we only spray individual plants. We do not broadcast spray areas. If we do not maintain an active thistle control program, the state has the authority to come into Forbes Park, spray the thistles, and charge us for the cost for the operation.
  • Can I collect firewood from the Common Lands?
Dead trees may be cut and collected by residents.  Contact the ECC. The ECC has established procedures for doing this.
  • Can we hike or picnic on Common Lands?
Yes, but we do expect people to minimize their impact on the land by staying on trails where they exist, and not leaving trash behind.   When walking on Common Lands, use the "meadow walk" method, meaning to meander abreast of one another and not in a line, thus minimizing long term damage to vegetation. 
  • Are our lakes maintained or can they be, for fish habitat, etc.?
Our lakes are essentially farm ponds and are not natural.   These lakes were created many years before the creation of Forbes Park.   Water rights in the West are a very complicated legal matter and have been well researched by past Boards and Common Lands committees.   We do very minimal maintenance to prevent serious erosion, but the water in those lakes is part of a larger system of water rights and we cannot perform any serious maintenance without possible ramifications.    Therefore we are just glad to have them.

Park Management

Board of Directors
  • What is the term for a board member?
Each board member is elected for three years. A board member can decide to run for an additional term if desired.


  • Why do I need to sign in to camp for three days?
In case of an emergency we need to know you are in the park and on what lot.
  • What if I want to do to camp more than three days?
You need to contact the ECC for a permit for stays longer than three days, the Covenants limit any camping to a maximum stay of three weeks (21 days) then you must vacate the park for 24 hours before another camping permit can be issued.

  • Where are some good places to hike?
There are several trails that begin in Forbes Park and lead to great views in the San Isabel National Forest.  The most popular starting point is at the intersection of Elicker and Grojean.  You can proceed through the unlocked personnel gate and follow the trail into Bonnett Park.  You will find several trails to follow that lead out of Bonnett Park.  On most Tuesdays a group of Forbes Park residents hike trails in our area.  Watch for bulletins posted at the front gate and at the Forbes Park Center.  These hikes are open to anyone.
  • Are there any fish in the lakes, ponds, or streams in Forbes Park?
The water sources in the Park are very shallow and freeze during the winter. Fish are not abundant. The streams do flow freely all year round. Some fish, mostly Brookies (Brout Trout) can be found in the streams.
  • Is hunting allowed in the Park?
Hunting is not allowed in the Park. Landowners do own land and/or homes in the Park because of the ease of assess to legal hunting areas. Parts of the Park's boundary are adjacent to a National Forest and some BLM. Hunting is allowed in these areas with the appropriate Colorado license. See the Colorado Parks & Wildlife webste for information.


General Information
  • I am planning to build.  What do I need to do about roads?
Notify the Chairman of the Roads Committee when you apply for your ECC construction permit.  This will allow time to evaluate your road and what repairs or improvements might be necessary to allow the movement of large trucks and equipment.  Please do not allow contractors to bring in heavy trucks and supplies over muddy roads.  Wait until the roads are dry.  Deep ruts are expensive to repair.  During winter months, bring in heavy trucks only on frozen or dry roads.
  • What can I do to help the Park’s roads?
One of the best things we can all do is to slow down on Forbes Park Road, especially on the hills.  Speed is a major contributor to washboard, especially bouncing pickup trucks.  Our association spends a large amount of money cutting washboard due to this abuse.  As mentioned under construction, don’t allow contractors to bring in heavy loads under wet road conditions.  Be patient with the committee.  They are all volunteers with other things to do, just like you.

  • How do I get my road improved?
Contact a member of the roads advisory committee. They are responsible for reviewing all park road conditions, usage, and repair need.  We know that some roads have never had improvements on them since being built.  Forbes Park roads were originally cut for lot sales, not for long term use and therefore poorly constructed in many places.  Road improvement is part of a long-term plan.  Emergency repairs will be addressed on a case by case basis.

Winter Access
  • How much notice is required for me to get my road plowed to my house and who do I contact?
Five (5) days prior as a minimum.  As soon as you know your plans, call to be placed on the list.  Call the Chairman of the Roads Committee or his or her designate if the Chairman is not available.  You can try the Vice Chairman or any committee member if the Chairman cannot be contacted.
  • Can I contact the road contractor directly for plowing?
No, the contractor and operators are not authorized to plow your road directly.  You must go through the roads committee listing process.
  • Can I contact the road contractor directly for plowing?
No, the contractor and operators are not authorized to plow your road directly.  You must go through the roads committee listing process.
  • What is the procedure for plowing after a major storm?
There is an established snow plowing route updated each year based on known winter occupancy.  This covers Forbes Park Road and certain secondary roads based on winter usage.  No plowing will begin until six inches of snow has fallen and there is a significant break in the storm.
  • What if I request to be placed on the plow list and am unable to carry out the visit?
Unless it is an immediate emergency, you are required to give 48 hours notice of canceling your trip to the road committee to avoid being charged the cost of plowing your road.
  • What if I request to be placed on the plow list and am unable to carry out the visit?
No, clearing your driveway is your responsibility.
  • What else do I need to know when visiting the Park in the winter?
First and foremost, it is your responsibility to use good judgment in driving in the park during severe winter weather.  The association does not maintain a rescue service or capability.  In an emergency, the road committee will make every effort to assist a stranded motorist but no guarantees can be made that assistance will be available.  You should be using a suitable four wheel drive, high clearance vehicle that is in good mechanical condition.  Also understand that under most storm conditions a road can be plowed and almost immediately blown shut by high winds.  Always check the latest weather forecasts and delay your visit if necessary.  Be prepared to stay for longer periods to allow the storm to pass and the roads to be cleared.  Have a winter driving emergency kit in your vehicle at all times during the winter.
  • What if I want to build during the winter months.
Construction is okay during the winter but often very difficult due to road closures and low temps. Contact the Roads Advisory Committee or the front gate to determine if roads are accessible for large vehicles.